Scott Slagerman has always been captivated by glass – how it is transformed from a fragile, yet unyielding solid state to molten fluidity and back again; and how this mutable substance, though a process that is both delicate and dangerous, can create objects both essential and esoteric.  He is fascinated by the role that glass plays in architecture, as well as in the everyday objects that we find around us.


He began to pursue an in depth study when he enrolled in the Glass Program  at UCLA’s School of the Arts, studying with Thurman Statom and Richard Marquis.  After finishing at UCLA, Scott traveled to France where he studied glass work at the L’Ecole des Beaux Arts de Aix in Provence and Centre International du Recherche sur la Verre (CIRVA). 


He continued to explore the expanse of his craft – from lighting to vases to wine glasses to objets d’art - by visiting and working in studios and glassworks  throughout Europe including Daum Crystal, Vianne, l’atleier du Olivier Juteau (France) and the Factory of Dorohoi (Romania).

In 1990, Slagerman founded his first studio, Verrerie du Val de Loire, in the town of Saumur, France.  Then, in 1994, he was given an opportunity by the city of Paris to  move the studio. He re-located and renamed it Fireworks. Built in the prestigious Viaduc des Arts section of Avenue Daumesnil near Place de la Bastille, in Paris. Fireworks became Scott’s artistic home and the origin of many of his collections which were sold in galleries and design stores throughout Europe.   Additionally, Scott was commissioned to create collections for the design houses of  Sawaya + Maroni and Roche Bobois, among others.

Slagerman sold Fireworks in 2001 and has returned to his native Los Angeles where he studies with Illan Dei and his Digital Movement.  Meanwhile, his work is housed in the permanent collections of:

La Musee des Arts Decoratifs, Paris France

La Musee de Sars Potteries, Sars Potteries France

Sawaya  + Maroni, Milan Italy

Centre du Minister de Culture, Marrakech Morroco

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